State Budget Information

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Did you know...

There are 3 proposed budgets -- from the Governor, Senate, and House (not yet released)
They include plans to:
  • Raise Teacher Pay
  • Reduce Teacher Assistants to only Kindergarten and First grade
  • Trade Teacher Tenure in Exchange for a Raise

Senate Plan: big raises, big questions
Teaching assistants, state Department of Justice take big hits in Senate budget
Teachers get higher pay but give up tenure in NC Senate GOP plan

What can you do?

Contact your state representatives and share with them what you like and don't like about the plans.
Use the emails below or go to the NCGA website to confirm who represents you.

State Senate -- I believe everyone at ELE is in the same State Senate district #39:
Bob Rucho

State Representative -- ELE families are in 1 of 3 State House districts. You can confirm this with your voter registration card.
Tricia Cotham (District #100)

Bill Brawley (District #103)

Ruth Samuelson (District #104)